An accomplished DJ who has worked/toured for such brands as Coca-ColaESPN and Tyler Perry Studios. His love for the music has inspired him to become an artist, as well, taking him back to his musical roots of Electronic Dance Music. Music is THERAPY, Music is LOVE and music has ADEEPERRHYTHM

Beneath The Noise is a new indy electronic music label founded by ADEEPERRHYTHM. Its goal is to share “Feel Good” music to inspire social change and encourage the spread of Love to ALL!

"Expression is an art form that should be shared with the world. Music is that expression that can heal heartspositively change minds and enrich lives..."



Sunrise 2 Sunset is ADEEPERRHYTHM's debut album release. It's an electronic musical journey that takes you through bright, uplifting mornings and deep, soulful late nights...AVAILABLE NOW at all major retailers.



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